This super-simple web series is the result of my work as a Filmmaker combined with my teaching experience; it has the purpose of training and assisting students in listening comprehension as well as in grammar.
Each video presents actors with different accents (coming from different Spanish speaking countries) and new idioms, expressions, and verb tenses, to help you increase your Spanish knowledge. You can respond to the questions at the end of each video, and share your answers with your Spanish-speaking friends or teacher.
This comedy starts off when Javier meets Alicia one day in a speed dating session, they like each other, and they start going out together like any other couple. But then, their family, friends and co-workers, all of them with different styles and motives, get involved in this seemingly romantic story making it more complicated and interesting.
My Special Thanks to all my friend actors, who are always willing and ready to participate and have fun: Javier Cuevas, Alicia Martín, Manuela Ibarguren, Stephyn Earles, Farrah Anene, 
Sandro Flores, Clara Andreu Perelló (also assistant producer/co-editor in some episodes), Oziel Aranda-Nava, Christian Araoz, Jimena Sarachansky, Laura Cuevas, Mariana Osorio, 
Kisato Nagao (also second camera in some episodes), Luciana Esteve, and Laura Maschietto.